The Way, the Truth, the Life

What is it about feeling out-of -control that is so very difficult? For me, it is one of the most uncomfortable feelings of all. I don’t want to feel out-of-control. I don’t want to feel powerless. But it seems that God is very sure that this is good for me. This is how I have been feeling lately. It is something I want to fight and change so that I can gain back control in some way. But in the Lord’s wonderful way of teaching me, He has been tenderly assuring me that this is exactly where He wants me to be. Well, it makes so much sense when I stop the struggle and begin to hear His sweet words of encouragement. How can He take care of me, protect me, guide me, if I am the one in control. If I am not still~ knowing that He is God, I am not truly dwelling in Him. I am not truly in His refuge. And so, how can I possibly experience His promises for care, security, and direction if I am running about trying to provide these things for myself? God is so very faithful. He is true to His Word. Jesus says that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life~ and He really means it! He is helping me to see more clearly than ever that if I am not fully “out-of-control”~ wholly surrendered to Him~ I cannot find my way, I know no truth on my own, and I am not really living~ unless I am living in Him. This is not the first time (and I’m sure not the last), that the Lord has provided circumstances that have made me feel out-of control. And yes, I don’t have any doubt He provided them~ for it is true – He is in complete control! He knows what I need, and one of those things that He seems to always have to bring me back to~ seemingly at deeper and deeper levels~ is humility. He knows the human way of fighting or fleeing~ He made us with survival instincts. But part of His amazing plan involves doing what is completely counter-intuitive~ trusting a God we cannot see, to take care of us in this crazy world where we see, hear, and feel threats all around. All of our senses and survival mechanisms say RUN, HIDE, FIGHT! But God says~ Be still and know that I am God. He is the one who knows the way in every situation. He is the one who knows the truth about every circumstance, and it is HE who not only holds your  life in His hands~ He IS your life~ that is if you desire Him to be. Will you allow God to help you get out-of-control today? Are you willing to surrender your life to God like never before? He wants to take care of your every need~ to be your security, your refuge~ and to provide the very best for you in every detail of your life. Seek Him and you will find the beauty of who He really is, and experience the fulfillment of all the promises that He so graciously gives.

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