First Things

The greatest need for every human being on earth is an intimate relationship with God. To that end, we need to know where we stand with Him. We are lost without God. He is our creator and the One who has given us life. God loves us with all of His heart, and wants us to be Held lovingly in His arms for all eternity. There is a life lived with God available to us through His Son Jesus Christ. In this life God offers He is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine… (Eph. 3:20). This is a promise from the heart of God. We need God desperately to live this life, but we do not have life apart from a saving relationship with His Son Jesus Christ. It is only thru Jesus death on the cross for our sins, and His resurrection that we find eternal union with God our Heavenly Father.

Most people have been deceived (including many Christians) into believing that the human life they are living is all that there is. They have learned to cope with life in ways that have become comfortable and familiar. But coping is all that it is….trying to grasp at what they can in this world to meet their own needs. There is no freedom and true peace in living life on our own or in our own way. We may attempt to hide the pain of self-sufficiency (whether we realize it or not), but it still remains that we need God and our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ more than anything.

The greater majority of people have learned about God not through His word (the Bible) or through a personal relationship with Jesus, but through other means which have left them confused about who He really is. Some have concluded that God is someone they don’t even want to know. Often this stems from being hurt deeply by people whom they felt represented God, and then have blamed God for the hurtful choices of others. Some people have accurate knowledge of God, perhaps even from the Bible, but do not have a heart relationship with Him. If either of these cases is true for you it is a very lonely, empty life. You are so very precious to the Lord, and He wants to meet your every need. He wants you to be able to receive His wonderful, beautiful, transforming love.

If you allow the Lord Jesus into your life and heart, God will receive you with open arms no matter how you feel about yourself and what you have done. Surrender your life and your ways to Him. Say yes to Him that you want to be transformed and for Him to truly be the Lord of your life. You will then begin the journey of a growing, intimate relationship with God and Jesus. When this happens, the word of God will also come alive as His Holy Spirit touches your heart with His truth and love as you seek to know Him. You will come to experience God as deeply and intimately as you desire. He says: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you (Matt. 7:7). Even though God doesn’t have to prove Himself to us, He has chosen to reveal His heart to those who truly desire to know Him intimately. He has chosen to share the things of His heart with us because He desires to be so very close in relationship with us. Draw towards God, and He will show you who He really is, and the amazing abundant life you can have in and thru Him.

Update of original from 1-1-13~

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