The Heart of Jesus

For the past 16 years, I have had the amazing privilege of talking with people every day I went to work about God. I have worked out of our home for the past 6 years, and had a cozy office near our kitchen area. One day my 2 year old grandson and I were hanging out in this little room together. He seemed curious about where we were, and I just spontaneously said to him: this is where Grandma gets to talk to people about God ALL DAY LONG! (: . It just gripped my heart to hear my own words. What an indescribable honor and blessing that this was the work the Lord had chosen for me.

It has been an absolutely incredible thing the Lord has done in my heart~ that my greatest passion is to talk about Him~ telling others who He really is and what it can mean to have a growing intimate relationship with Him~ to talk about the power of God’s love~ the overwhelmingly beautiful heart of Jesus.

So here I am now~ talking about the Lord on this website~ same wonderful privilege, but sitting down with you in a slightly different way (:

Just to write the title above that God laid on my heart brings tears to my eyes. How can I possibly express what is in my heart about the heart of Jesus~ and as Moses and David of the Bible and some others have said: “Who am I” to tell of such things. But it really brings home the point that it is not about who I am, but about who He is.

Before going into private practice, I worked in many settings and did many forms of counseling. Looking back, it does not surprise me that it was not until 16 years ago that the Lord had me sitting across from His dear ones in a more close setting and intimate way. I don’t think I even knew what intimacy with God (or anyone else) really was prior to that time…and even then I’m sure I was barely at the beginning of my journey. Something that I certainly have come to learn over the years is that I cannot truly share anything of value with another person unless it is in my own heart. And when it comes to intimacy, no psychology or head knowledge can touch those deep places of need in a person’s heart.

In my experience in the Christian church I have heard a lot of phrases and concepts that have become part of the “culture”. Often these phrases and concepts are not necessarily questioned as to what they really mean. One of these phrases is: personal relationship with Jesus. This seems to be the common phrase used to describe what occurs once a person accepts Jesus into their life. It may be though, that personal relationship does not necessarily mean intimate relationship.

The best thing that ever happened to me beyond being saved, was when the Lord began showing me that I could have a deeply intimate relationship with Him. When I was saved, the relationship was personal in that I chose the relationship for myself. But what the Lord was drawing me toward was something much more than that. God kept lovingly impressing upon me to seek to know Him in the depths of my heart from the depths of His. God helped me surrender to this process that was so unknown to me. Through His wonderful Son Jesus, He gave me everything I needed to trust Him with my heart in order to discover what intimacy really was. The Lord wanted me to experience the fullness of the love of Christ. God gave me the faith and courage to reach out my hand for His to follow Him~ allowing Jesus into my heart in places I had never let anyone into before. This journey is what has led to God transforming my life~ and it continues to be more and more miraculous. Sometimes it seems impossible that there could be anyplace deeper for Him to find in my heart, but that is part of what makes the journey so wonderful.

I know that God has loved me all of my life as His precious creation and was drawing me to Himself to save me. But little did I know that for most of my Christian life, God had been continually pursuing my heart to go beyond salvation and allow Jesus to come into those most vulnerable places in my heart. The Lord was winning my heart before I even knew it~ and when He did, it was at that point that I could not stop talking about Him. He convinced me that I could trust Him with my heart. It all became real: Jesus as the love of my life; Jesus as the One by my side; the One who truly loves me and is for me all the time; and the One whom I will follow anywhere through the power and ability of Almighty God. Thank You Father for the gift you provided in your Son~.

So, I could try to describe the heart of Jesus further, but what makes the journey so beautiful is that it is yours and His. Absolutely anyone who truly desires to have an intimate relationship with Jesus will have it~ and will experience the amazing power of the love of God like never before. You don’t have to wonder if Jesus will respond~ He has been lovingly waiting for you to respond to Him. All you have to do is seek Him with your heart. Go toward Jesus~ tell Him your need for Him and your desire to know Him intimately. God over time will do extraordinary things in your heart, and bring about an insatiable thirst and hunger to experience this intimacy more and more deeply. As the relationship grows, you will desire nothing more than to be with Him. A deep passion for Jesus becomes part of you~ because you are truly in Christ and He in you~ your hearts are forever bound together. And in this~ God’s love and Glory shine brightly in and through your life.

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