No Small Miracles

Do you believe that God cares about every detail of your life? If so, then do you believe He wants to take care of all of those details? When I say details I mean the things most people think of as small or insignificant compared to the bigger things. All of this becomes quite relative when it’s thought of this way~ doesn’t it? What is small to one person is big to another and vice versa. So why not put that all to rest~ knowing that God does not see our needs as big enough to be heard in prayer~ or too small to answer and take care of for us. Everything in our lives is important to Him.

For many years of my journey with the Lord, I did not pray about details. Those things I deemed to be too small or insignificant compared to things I deemed bigger. In fact, for many years I didn’t even pray about the things I believed were the big things. I was actually taught as a child that it was selfish to pray for me. So I would pray for others around things like illness, safety in travel, and help with major life decisions. This was all great, but I was completely unaware that there was this amazing part of life with God that was completely missing.

But what I really did know deep inside was that even though I was a Christian~ I was still very lonely~ still trying to meet my own needs in this world. This is how I had always lived. But somewhere inside I wondered: Isn’t there more to being in a life with God? This is not a question I even knew I needed to ask~ but the emptiness I felt was inescapable.

This was the problem: I simply did not know God well enough to know how He really sees things~ and how He sees me. It was when I began to know who He really is, and what His Word really says~ did I come to know what is in His heart. As I came to know the truth I learned how very much He wants to take care of absolutely everything that affects my life~ from the inside out. Every feeling, thought, and experience on the inside, as well as every single thing that needed to be dealt with in this life~ on the outside: His divine power has given us everything we need for life (2 Peter 1:3a).

So one of the first things I began learning was to share my feelings with the Lord, coming to believe He wanted to hear it all~ and could help me. It was in doing it that I found He would help me. He was teaching me how to share all the details on the inside. This became a huge turning point in my life. Jesus became my greatest friend and the one I turned to with all my thoughts and emotional needs.

Then one day the Holy Spirit laid on my heart the thought of praying about the details on the outside. Now by this time I had come to know that praying for me was a good thing. I prayed about those really tough circumstances and big decisions that I thought needed to be made. But it had never occurred to me to pray about lesser things. To be honest, I felt kind of silly trying this out. Would I be seen as kind of kooky? What if I do it and it turns out I’m left feeling foolish? You of little faith (Matthew 14:31) was certainly true for me. My eyes needed to be on Jesus, not people! I needed to believe Him when He says: Ask and you will receive (Matthew 7:7).

So my journey began in praying about the details on the outside as well. The Lord gave me enough belief to trust Him, and helped me with my unbelief. This actually became very exciting over time, because I was astonished at the outcomes. I would pray and ask~ no matter how small I thought the request, and He would hear my prayer and answer!! It sounds so simple~ but I am often truly just an infant in the faith!

I want to share a story from my life about praying for the details inside and out. Someone just recently told me how much this story encouraged them, and the Lord has led me to share it with you too! This is my earring story.

I am a person who walks a lot. I have loved walking ever since I was a teenager. Then, it was to get places~ now it’s for time with God, to stay healthy~ and still sometimes to get places. I lost most of my vision when I was in my late 20’s and stopped driving at that time. So my love for walking has served many purposes. But above all it has been a wonderful provision in coming to know the Lord intimately. Walking and talking with Him has brought many miracles into my life~ and this story is one of them.

One day I had walked up to the main street a few miles up the road from my home to catch a bus to do some errands. It was a difficult day because I had some very painful things happening in my life. I talked with God about them along the way, but once I got to the bus, I became involved in the travel and errands that needed to be done. It was approaching dark by the time my return bus got me back to the bus stop where I would get off and walk back home.

It was a winter day in Washington State~ fairly colder than usual, so I had on layers~ as we call it. So while walking I could shed a layer or two as my body warmed up. As I started to head for home, the more usual weather pattern for our state began~ drizzle and then rain. This was not a big problem, but it did fit with how I was feeling emotionally. Once I began walking and there were no more distractions~ my feelings started welling up greatly inside about the things that were on my heart. It was now dark, and no one else was walking down the road. This actually gave me even more privacy to just let it all out with the Lord. I began crying and saying: Lord, please give me some encouragement. I just let the tears flow out as I began walking up the hill about a half mile from the main road. They had been doing construction in this area, so the sidewalk was covered with sand and gravel.

I was starting to get very warm from the exertion, so it was time to take off my stocking cap as I continued walking. I pulled my hat off, and as I did it must have grabbed onto my left earring. I could dimly see it flying up in the air out of the corner of my eye. I was very upset. These were my cross earrings that were so precious to my heart. They were very inexpensive monetarily, but worth so much to me. So I quickly took my gloves off, stooped down, and began feeling all around for it with both hands. I would pick up anything that felt like it could be the earring, but they were only pieces of wet sand-covered gravel. So I stood up, looked up, put my arms up in the air and said: Lord, You are the only one who knows where it is! I stooped back down, put my right hand on one spot in front of me, and felt something right under my palm. I said: Oh my goodness, could this be it? I picked it up and to my amazement, it was my earring! I was overjoyed. I couldn’t stop thanking and praising the Lord. My faith was just soaring, and His love for me was humbling me to such a place of deep gratitude. God heard my cry for encouragement, and used this tiny little earring to do a huge miracle in my life.

Believe it or not, I would lose this same earring~ yes, left ear and all~ two more times. The second time was on a bus. It was a similar situation with the layered clothing. This time it was ear muffs. As I sat down in my seat on the bus, I started removing my gloves, ear muffs, and scarf. In this case, I didn’t notice right away that my earring was missing. Once I did, I gasped. This time I prayed immediately: Lord, You are the only one who knows where it is. I was sitting fairly close to the front of the bus and the driver must have seen that I was having trouble. He asked me if everything was okay. I told him that I lost my earring, but that I had prayed and was sure I would find it. Then all the people around me started looking too. There were people on their hands and knees searching the floor. I was looking all around my immediate area so if it was close by it wouldn’t get knocked or kicked further away. Eventually everyone sat down, but I was just feeling in my heart that He would show me where it was. For some reason I reached in my hooded sweatshirt pocket, and I felt something sharp poking through the cloth into the pocket. I felt further and there was a bump on the other side of the backside of the pocket in the lining. I couldn’t believe it. It seemed to be the earring. How did it get inside the lining of my jacket?! But there it was! The post poking through into the pocket kept it from falling out~ but also where I could find it. And at the same time was tucked safely inside the lining. I couldn’t imagine how it dropped from my ear into the bottom of my coat lining! I was so excited and just yelled out: I found it! The driver and everyone on the bus was smiling and expressing cheer. What an amazing thing that was to not only have this miracle happen for me to see~ but many were witnesses of God’s amazing power and glory.

The third time I lost the earring, I thought it might have been a goner! I thought, well maybe it’s just time. I had them for such a long time and had already seen two miracles~ maybe its’s days are done. But God wasn’t finished with them yet. This time I had no idea where I lost the earring. I just noticed at one point in the day that it was missing. I suspected it was in the house because I don’t believe I went out that day. But I prayed the same prayer, knowing that if He desired for me to have it, He would show me where it was. Weeks went past, and one day I was in my walk-in closet off the bedroom. I hadn’t turned on the light because I was just getting something quickly. The bathroom light was good enough. Remember I have very little vision for this part of the story. As I was getting something off of a shelf and was turning to leave the closet, I saw a tiny glimmer over between the wall and the edge of the carpet near the clothes rack. Normally I would NEVER see this kind of detail across a room. I went over to feel what it was, and there was the earring~ tiny as could be wedged there. The light from the bathroom had to be just perfect for my eyes to catch a glimpse of it. I was once again amazed and praising the Lord like crazy!

Eventually, my left earring simply broke from old age, and I have it saved in my jewelry box as a blessed reminder of the miracles God did with this small detail of life!

So that is my earring story. My prayer for you is that you pray to God for all the details inside and out in your life. You will be surprised and amazed at what He will do. You will feel so loved that He cares about everything you care about~ and beyond. God bless each of you as you find even more deeply, what a friend we have in Jesus~ and what a mighty God of miracles we belong to.

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