Truths to Focus on in Times of Need


God knows everything. He knows exactly what is going on in your life down to the smallest detail. He also knows every detail of everyone else’s life in the entire world. He knows everything about how all things in this world and universe work and how they will affect us at any given time. He knows how He created it all, when and how things will happen~ when, where and how every raindrop will fall~ and whose head it will fall on! He knows what will happen with every action taken by every person. In God’s Sovereignty~ He knows exactly how He is going to use everything and every person to accomplish His plan for His eternal purposes and for His glory. God’s Sovereignty will bring you deep peace and a quiet trust as you depend upon Him and believe He is taking care of everything.


God is in control of every single thing. There is not one thing that happens that God is not in control of. We cannot take our next breath unless God decides He will graciously provide or allow it. He has chosen to allow free will, but even with that He is allowing choice for His good purposes. There is not one thing that happens in our lives by our choice or the actions of others that has not first gone through His Sovereign hand. He either causes or allows everything that happens in all of His creation. So any difficulty you are facing has come into you r life because God has chosen that it would be there. Believing God is in complete control will bring comfort and a deep sense of security and contentment as you rest in Him.


God is good all the time. Everything God does is good. He has only good things for your life. The Bible says that God is good and that He does good things. That means this is always true~ no matter what it looks like or feels like to us. Even those things He brings or allows into your life that do not seem good to you~ God is bringing His best to your life as you trust in Him and wait patiently upon Him. You will never be disappointed as you trust in His goodness through every storm of life~ and you see all He has done on the other side.


God has good purposes for every single thing that He causes or allows to happen in your life. There is nothing that happens by chance or luck~ good or bad. In His Sovereignty He has determined how He will use everything that affects you. He always has purposes that are good for you and everyone else that your circumstance affects. What He is doing in one person’s life will also have good purposes for those around you. When you believe that God has good purposes for everything that happens to you, and that He even causes your mistakes and sins to work for your good~ rejoicing in all circumstances will become real and true for you. Thankfulness for His good and mighty purposes will be in the depths of your heart.


God would not cause or allow any circumstance in your life unless He was going to take care of you and your situation. He did not place us here for us to fend for ourselves or to tough it out until the storm passes. God wants you to lean on Him~ and lean into Him as your human feelings well up inside. He wants to take care of you. He knows how to take care of you. He will take care of you. He knows what to do in your circumstance. He is using your circumstance to work good in your life and to draw you even closer to Him. He will provide every need and take care of absolutely everything no matter how impossible it may seem to you. You will find that God is trustworthy and faithful to you as you let go and depend upon Him to take care of you during all the trials of life that come your way.


God knows exactly what you need and has the perfect plan for your life. Not just a general outline of your life, but every detail of what is best for you every step along the way. The guidance God provides personally to you through His Word and through speaking to your heart is the only way to know what to do in life. God has an extraordinary life for you. He does not desire the ordinary of this world for you. He promises you abundant life and a life full of the fruit of His Spirit when you seek and listen to Him. He wants you to turn to Him, not people. There can be a place for Godly support from people for prayer and counsel that points to God for the answers. But God is the only one with the answers. He is the one with the plan and He is the way. No matter how painful your circumstance is, wait to hear what the Lord is telling you before taking any action. He will NEVER steer you wrong. He will ALWAYS bring you exceedingly abundantly more than what you could ask or imagine. But wait upon Him~ He WILL give you clear direction. Only when the direction is crystal clear from the voice of the Lord through His Holy Spirit can His will be accomplished. You will be so very glad that you waited upon the Lord for His way. This will become more and more encouraging as you see God’s wisdom providing the perfect answers for your good.


God did not make you a human to then shame you for your feelings. He knew that the world would be a very difficult place to live. He is also not deterred by your feelings. Your feelings are not a burden to Him. He desires to comfort you and pour His compassion into your heart. He understands completely what your feelings are, and all the reasons why your particular circumstances are so hard for you. He wants you to come to Him and let Him into your circumstances and the innermost parts of your heart. He will help you not grab at people or things to bring soothing and relief. These are times that great healing can come if you allow the Lord in. He may not remove your circumstances, but He will surely use every bit of it for His good purposes in your life. Your intimacy with the Lord will deepen beyond belief as you express your feelings and needs to Him. He will show you that He is completely safe. He will never reject you for how you feel or for struggling in your human journey with Him.


Whether you feel trusting toward God or not, He still remains trustworthy. He tells us to trust Him with all of our hearts, but before you feel it in your heart it is difficult to do. He will build your trust. His Word is true. Everything He says is true. Start by believing that if He says He is trustworthy then He is trustworthy. The feelings will come as you experience that what He says is true. Remembering in difficulties that you can trust God will bring relief from anxiety and hope that He has the way through the trial. As you see more and more through living life that there is nothing in this world we can truly depend upon, your belief in His trustworthiness will become instilled even deeper in your heart. You will find that God is the only one you desire to turn to and depend upon to take care of your life.


God loves you all the time. There is nothing you can do for God to love you more or less. He loves you even in the midst of sinning~ no matter how awful, horrific, or unthinkable you see your sin. Perhaps your difficulty has come about because of a choice you have made that has brought pain and strife to yourself and others. God’s love for you is just as strong and powerful as ever. His forgiveness is complete and He holds no record of wrongs against you. But whatever your circumstances, God’s love is perfect. His perfect love casts out fear; His perfect love brings comfort and healing to your heart; His perfect love will give you a steadfast heart and will be an anchor for your soul. God’s love will NEVER be taken away from you no matter what you do. He will never reject you no matter what. God’s heart of love is the most beautiful thing in all the universe.

Dear Lord Jesus, Heavenly Father~ Thank you that you will help each one reading this to remember these truths even when they feel as if they cannot utter a single word to you. Thank You that You promise that your Holy Spirit will remind us of everything You have said. You are our life Lord, and our lives are in Your hands.

Thank You Holy Father~ In Your precious name Jesus, Amen

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