Your support of this ministry is appreciated so very much. Your donations are used to tell the truth from the Word of God, and encourage believers and unbelievers alike, to open the Bible and see who God and Jesus really are~ to seek to know God~ to discover the truth and the power of His love for themselves. This ministry also comes side by side with believers in Jesus Christ to seek a growing, intimate relationship with Jesus and our Heavenly Father~ to become true followers. This ministry also builds up followers to become unshakable in their faith~ willing to follow Christ no matter where He says to go, and no matter what He says to do. To be willing to be used by Him any way He chooses in His plan, and for His good and mighty purposes. To be willing to be in the fight- even on the front lines to defend the gospel that we have been so graciously entrusted with.

If the Lord lays upon your heart to give financially to this ministry, please e-mail me at to inquire of the best and most current methods of donating~ 

 Above all things, if you would be willing to pray for this ministry it would be such a blessing. Your prayers encourage me so much personally~ as it feels so wonderful to have others side by side with me as well. But more than that~ I believe with all my heart in the power of prayer~ knowing God always hears them, and always answers them. There is no greater encouragement and blessed assurance.


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